Fame, Fortune, Fun, Freedom… Why Do You Want to Start a Successful Blog?

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start blogs that matter

Hundreds of millions of blogs are online today. Thousands more are started every day. Anyone can start a blog in 5 minutes, but very few people will 

What’s the difference between most blogs and the select few that attract huge followings?

That’s a question I started asking myself long before I started my first blog. Since then, I’ve started three popular blogs, and I’ve helped friends and clients attract huge audiences with blogs.

I’ve also seen plenty of bloggers work incredibly hard on something that never takes off.

By studying these differences and through the work I’ve been doing for the past three years, I’ve developed a repeatable formula for building successful blogs.

This formula is what I used to create each of my three blogs (CorbettBarr.com, Think Traffic and Expert Enough).

I have also used the formula to help clients launch or grow blogs that attract from 10,000 to 100,000+ visitors per month (including Live Your Legend, Man Vs. Debt, Primer Magazine and The Possibility of Today).

I created this course because I believe in the ability of blogs to change the lives of the people who start them and the readers who follow them. I have seen blogs change the lives of many of my closest friends.

What will your blog do for you? Here are some possibilities…

Build a Business

A blog can be a fantastic platform to build a business around, the kind of flexible business you can run on your terms from anywhere in the world.

Start a Movement

From minimalism to nomadic living to nonconformity to Occupy Wall Street and more, blogging has been behind some of the biggest social movements of the past decade.

Land a Dream Job

Don’t go searching for your dream job. Start a blog and demonstrate your expertise and passion for the job you want. Make employers want YOU for who you are.

Make Worldwide Friends

I travel six months out of the year, and nearly anywhere I go in the world I meet up with people I’ve met online… ambitious, creative, interesting people I’m glad to call friends.

Explore Your Creativity

Your blog can bring a perfect place to explore your creative side. Writing, video, podcasting, graphics… a blog can be the central hub of your creations.

Launch a Writing Career

You don’t need a publisher these days to build a successful writing career. Writers are using blogs to launch careers, build followings and earn a living.

The 90-Day Action Plan for Starting a Blog that Matters

This course contains 13 weekly lessons to guide you through starting a blog that matters over 90 days.

You’ll start with choosing a great topic and setting up your blog and end with building your audience and spreading your influence.

Each of the 13 lessons contains a specific action plan for you to follow each week. This isn’t just aboutlearning, it’s about doing.

The lessons are a combination of text, checklists and video. The course contains over 8 hours of video and 30,000 words of blog-building knowledge and advice.

Here’s everything you get in the course:

  • 13 weekly lessons
  • 13 weekly step-by-step action plans
  • Over 8 hours of video
  • Answers to FAQ’s from the first 800+ students.
  • Discounted web hosting and recommended tools
  • A 60-day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee (we want you to be 110% satisfied)
  • 4 very special bonuses (see below)

Whether your goal is to build a business around your blog or just to have fun with it (or both), this course will build a great foundation for your blog.

Here are the actions you’ll accomplish each week:

Week 1: Choose the right topic for you.

Week 2: Develop the perfect blog name and brand.

Week 3: Design your blog to look great.

Week 4: Create your social media strategy.

Week 5: Develop your launch plan.

Week 6: Learn how to create outstanding content.

Week 7: Create your launch content.

Week 8: Launch your blog.

Week 9: Start making friends in the blogosphere.

Week 10: Build your thriving audience.

Week 11: Expand your reach using webinars, YouTube, podcasts and more.

Week 12: Make your first dollar blogging.

Week 13: Develop your strategy for taking your blog to the next level.

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